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Let the butterflies in the pit of your stomach subside

☆This is life in the making☆

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Icchi here (formally known as ichi_ichigo_san). :D This is my new journal. ♥

A few facts about me:

➢ I'm forever 19 and androgynous. (means: I see myself as someone unaffected by age or gender)
➢ I'm pretty much obsessed with Hetalia lately, as you might guess. :D
➢ Other things I like: Look at my Interests, duh!
➢ I speak neither Russian nor Chinese, even though I used it for my layout.
➢ Languages I speak: English (Surprise, huh?), German and Japanese
➢ Languages I once started/considered to learn but gave up: Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch... Lithuanian might follow soon. xD
➢ Header, fo sign and profile banner made by me. Steal and die! :D

Credit for used art:

Profile: htdear ✗ Header: waiyiu ✗ Friends only: kamuikaoru

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